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4 Must Haves to Convert Browsers into Customers

By April 3, 2019 July 19th, 2019 No Comments

Hi everyone,

Its high time is started writing some tips to help. As an eCommerce specialist, it is my duty to share the knowledge I have to help your online store grow. Today I wanted to share 4 must haves on your online store! This helps browsers convert into customers.

1 . Sales Page
Everyone loves a good sale and to save some money. Research shows that people look for a sales page or banners with promotions when they land on an online store. When you’re selling something, some browsers are already thinking of why they shouldn’t buy – it’s important for you to give them reasons.

2. Free Delivery
A huge conversion tool and marketing tactic is to offer free delivery, whether it means factoring the cost into the pricing of your products or having incentives to qualify for free delivery. (ie. Buy to the value of R300 and get Free Delivery). I was an example of a online browser that converted with the both the free and incentive options. When they said that delivery was free, I didn’t hesitate when I checked out. When I shopped at another online store, I increased the amount of products in my cart to qualify for free delivery. Let’s face it, we all love getting something for free now and again.

3. Mobile Friendly
There’s nothing worse then zooming in and out to view products or prices. Having a mobile friendly store helps your customers navigate easier when they are in their decision making mode. Mobile Commerce is the 2019 trend. Google has also announced that their algorithm favours mobile responsive websites which means that your site would likely rank higher. Another great advantage is that a mobile responsive site also has reduced loading time. Easy mobile checkouts also help with converting browsers. Minimizing the fields and only requiring the absolute necessary details means a seamless checkout.

4. Allow guest checkouts
There’s nothing worse then having to create an account before making a purchase. You have automatically created an extra step and this means more effort at time. People turn to buying online because of the convenience factor. Making it inconvenient is going to lead to customers going to other online stores. Creating a profile should come later. There’s a lot of debate on this topic as some people feel it’s a great way to collect customers information. While true, you can also do this after they’ve purchased a product. You can offer them an incentive to create a profile, maybe get free delivery on your next purchase if you register. How awesome would that be? I would definitely register to qualify for that incentive!

You’ve got to be creative when marketing your online store. These are definitely 5 things that you should make use off as it has been proven to help convert browsers into customers.

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