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How Deon Barkhuizen innovated his business

By July 18, 2019 No Comments

Deon Barkhuizen is a young budding entrepreneur. He runs several successful businesses and has a love for what he does. Deon is a very forward thinker and is always looking for ways to innovating his business. Making the decision to go online was not a difficult one. He understood the global growth of eCommerce and wanted to have his very own online liquor store, Deon’s Liquors.

Setting up his online presence took a bit longer than expected. Deon did not have pictures of products which meant sourcing them. Deon also had many more products than the ordinary online store or catalogue – possibly close to a thousand, if not more.

Once the online presence was set up, Deon opted to start off with an online catalogue, especially considering his hectic schedule. The online catalogue itself, has brought in many leads nationally. A lot of these browsers converting into customers. There were also many queries on his mobile bar service, Cudoscene. This is something that was also advertised on his store.

Now, Deon’s in process of restructuring his businesses and looks to convert his online catalogue into a store. We look forward to helping him on this part of his journey.

We asked Deon about our services and the results. This is what he had to say:
“Our online platform actually started as a catalogue. I never really intended to get any sales however I had been contacted numerous times. I’ve actually had to arrange payment and delivery all the way to the Free State. Its done wonders for me. We even had some enquiries all the way from France for different wines. It’s really giving me a lot of traction. We are looking now to trade online. We had to wait almost two years to get the licensing sorted out.
Moving away from the day-to-day, Monday to Sunday trade, having to deal with the general public, now not having to keep any stock, not having to buy in bulk – we can move away from the normal way of doing retail and actually move into a bit of a safe environment. We’ve been victims of armed robbery so we are literally moving away from the norm and looking into the future. Nureshka has been hands – on support. She has always shared ideas on how to improve our business. I definitely recommend Shopli.”