Dear Business Owner,
Our team at Shopli wanted to let you know that we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, and healthy. We understand that a lot of you may be struggling right now and are concerned about the effect the lockdown has had on your business thus far. We want to help and have an affordable solution to help you by
selling online.

​​​What We Currently Know?

In a statement released by the Minister of Trade and Industry stated, 'all goods may be transacted through eCommerce platforms in South Africa.'

eCommerce is now permitted! This means that you will be able to sell your products and services online!  


​How We Can Help You?

We can take your business online so that you can start selling online. Our team of experienced eCommerce experts are ready to help take your business online. 



  • Custom online store design and development
  • Creative layout
  • 15 email accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited payments
  • Payment integration
  • Delivery integration
  •  Social Media set up and integration
  • Online training
  • Online chat
  • One page checkout
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile friendly


  • Create awareness around your products, specials and updates
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase your target market
  • Increase your credibility
  • Enhance your brand
  • Reach more people on their mobiles
  • Decrease your overheads
  •  Work from home
  • Receive payment safely and securely
  • Communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere 
  • Make shopping convenient for your customers
  • Operate and sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Most importantly, increase your sales 

Our Work

​Start selling online today. We’ll have you up and running in no time.


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    ​Happy Client

    ​“Shopli revolutionized my business. They set up an online store that increased leads and sales. They are hands on and have helped grow my business.”

    Deon Barkhuizen

    ​Owner of Cudoscene

    Why Are We Doing This?

    'Our vision is to help protect your business against this global epidemic.’

    The reason is simple; with the current Lockdown, the drop in revenue and closure of businesses has become a harsh reality. Shopli is determined to help businesses now more than ever!  We are committed to empowering business owners; helping them take the business online to help them reach more people and increase sales during these uncertain times. With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 being rife, we are even more focused on creating online presences for businesses that allow businesses to stay open. 

    Happy Client

    ​It’s been a great experience. The design has been seamless and the website was done within 3 days. They’ve probably helped grow my business by 300%.

    ​​Gareth De Lange

    ​​CEO of Bird & Co.

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    Our Team Includes:

    Forbes Top 30 Under 30  Alumni

    eCommerce Experts

    Product Photography Specialists

    You can call us now on 031 630 0146 or email to help get you started.

    ​​Get Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    "Our goal is to have you up and running during these uncertain times..

    We endeavour to provide a user friendly, responsive, interactive online presence that works – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!"


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