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Why is there such an increase in Mobile Commerce?

By August 1, 2019 No Comments

It is important to understand the difference between eCommerce and Mobile Commerce. eCommerce is an electronic transaction made online, where shopping is done using desktops and laptops. Mobile commerce is an electronic transaction made from a mobile, where shopping is done using mobiles to perform transactions.

With mobiles being one of the most used digital devices, and one that is much more affordable than a desktop or a laptop, it’s no wonder that there has been an increase in mobile commerce.

There has been an increase in mobile commerce due to several reasons such as:
– Reachability
Mobile commerce reachability allows you to reach more people because of the portability. Businesses can reach potential customers almost everywhere allowing them to sell to a broader audience.

– Convenience
People can make transactions wherever they go and are not limited by location. As long as they have internet, they can easily make purchases with a few taps on their mobiles.

– Faster Purchases
We type faster using our phones than we do using keyboards especially if you are not familiar with a keyboard. People use their mobiles every day and are more familiar with the navigation. A few taps and they are completing their orders.

– Impulsive Purchases
When someone is distracted or has free time, they find themselves turning to their phone. Through social media platforms, people see products which tempts them which often leads to impulse purchases.

– Right Target Market
Your market is the tech savvy individual, a person that spends majority of their time on their mobile. They also spend a lot of time online. Having a mobilised store seems like a no brainer as it creates user experience and is interactive which encourages online purchases.

A lot of people ask us, should we develop a mobile app or start off with a mobilized online store. Our advise, as a smaller business, it’s better to start off with a website that is mobile responsive. Its easy to get started. An app will require a bit more time and is not as easy as setting up an online store. Remember, apps have to be made for both Android and iOS and it is more difficult to get people to download an app.

Moral of the story: Ensure your store is mobilised to help increase sales.